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super science week

In science week we used popping candy, 4 bottles of fizzy , a funnel, and 4 balloons.first we poured the popping candy into the balloon through the funnel then tuck the balloon of off the funnel and put the balloon on the top of one off the fizzy drinks and shuck the balloon so all off the popping candy so the gas to make the fill up and we did it to all of them then we  write a conclusion.


Little Red Riding Hood Reveiw

This is a reveiw on Little Red Riding Hood where she lives in a deep dark forest and shes going to visit her Nan and she bumps into a big grey wolf 

Despicable Me 3 - Serena and Shiyah

 Does Gru really have a twin brother called Dru !  Is it true that Dru has lots of pigs(pig farm).Did Gru give the worlds biggest diamond back and get his  AVL agent  job back.


Every one around the perimeter get Baltarer Brat. That ship is the worst to hijack it has the worlds biggest diamond .So  close Gru you almost got hit but at least you got the diamond. Mr Ramsbottom is retiring ,whose she (Vallari De Vinci) and why is she taking the place of Mr Ramsbottom! Grus fired GRU s got a twin brother..

pop experiment!

On Wednesday we did an experiment called the pop experiment you have pop rocks,4 bottles of pop,a funnle and a balloon when pop and pop rocks are put in you shake it a little bit with the balloon on top the balloon inflates and some pop sizzles out. 

Fantastic Mr Fox - by Lewis and George B

Fantastic Mr Fox written by Roald Dahl.

our view point!!!

It was so interesting at the beginning I just wanted to read on.It was like watching a movie except on a thin piece of paper. There's not really any pictures but you already knew what it looked like. The middle was so interesting because of all of the action taking place. 

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